US Rental Vacancy & Multifamily Completion Data Updated

For 2012, the US rental vacancy rate was below 9.0% for the first time since 2002, at 8.7% according to the US Census Bureau. This is down from 9.5% in 2011. For more details, visit our rental vacancy page to get rental vacancy by structure type and geographical area, including maps of rental vacancy by state.

Also influencing the rental vacancy rate is the rate of multifamily completions. Multifamily completions totaled 157,600 in 2012, up from 129,900 in 2011, which was the lowest rate since tracking began in 1970 according to the Census Bureau’s Survey of Market Absorption report. For more details, see our multifamily completions page, where you can download a spreadsheet of completions since 1970.

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