Integrated-Use Development

“Mixed-use development” has become so overused as to have nearly lost its meaning.  Put two disparate land uses side by side and, voila!, you have mixed-use development, regardless of whether those uses are complementary.

The Danter Company proposes a new term: integrated-use development.

Integrated-Use Development – a style of development where complementary uses are not simply planned and developed on adjacent parcels, but rather they are integrated into an attractive, unified whole with a communal identity in such a manner as to create premium value for all usage types.

Usage types in an integrated-use development might include residential, retail, restaurant/nightlife, entertainment and office. Residential development, if present, might occur over storefronts or in separate buildings with common exterior design standards providing a community identity for all uses. Although integrated-use development presents a prime opportunity to develop premium residential, residential is not absolutely necessary for a successful integrated-use development if planned with a variety of complementary uses that work together to provide an attractive destination for work and play.

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