Where Are The New Townhouses?

This article is the first in a short series of articles examining multifamily trends from 2013 Characteristics of New Housing Units, the most recent of an annual series released by the US Census Bureau and the Department of Housing and Urban Development. This report examines a variety of characteristics of completed housing, allowing us to …

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2015 Fair Market Rents Released

The 2015 Fair Market Rents (effective 10/1/2014) have been released. To find out the rents for your area, go to The Danter Company’s FMR Lookup Database and enter the county and state abbreviation. The Danter Company is pleased to provide this database as a convenience for our clients and others. Tags: Fair Market Rents

US Rental Vacancy & Multifamily Completion Data Updated

For 2012, the US rental vacancy rate was below 9.0% for the first time since 2002, at 8.7% according to the US Census Bureau. This is down from 9.5% in 2011. For more details, visit our rental vacancy page to get rental vacancy by structure type and geographical area, including maps of rental vacancy by …

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