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Your Assisted-Living Marketing May Be Failing

The Danter Company evaluated marketing materials at 249 assisted-living properties we visited over the last three years. Almost three out of five (59.5%) graded out as a D or an F on our grading scale for effectiveness using lifestyle marketing techniques and producing material that seniors can easily handle and read. Marketing packages collected by our analysts during site visits at properties in 13 states were evaluated on a curved 100-point scale with the following results:

A 80+ 11 4.4%
B 70 TO 79 39 15.7%
C 60 TO 69 51 20.5%
D 50 TO 59 54 21.7%
F <50 94 37.8%



The average score is 53.6, or a D. The median is 55, also a D. Marketing material was graded on 10 categories of up to 10 points as follows:

  • Emphasis on the potential resident’s new lifestyle (10 points)
  • Fonts (size 10 points, legibility 10 points)
  • Pictures (number and size 10 points, appropriateness and activity 10 points, diversity 10 points)
  • Floor plans (10 points)
  • Explanation of services (10 points)
  • List of fees (10 points)
  • Quality of print/production (10 points)

Our full white paper details our findings, including key mistakes made by many communities. If you would like a copy of our white paper detailing our findings, please contact Kenneth Danter or Terry Hall at 614-221-9096.

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Summer Travel

Summer is in full swing, and we’re writing to you from the road. Here’s what we’ve been up to so far this summer.


Summer view

We’ve been enjoying views like this as we travel across the country


It’s been a good traveling month for our field analysts, Nick, Mitch, Chris, and Ruth, with student housing and senior living studies in sunny states like Florida, Georgia, and North Carolina. Not to mention our recent marina study – you couldn’t pick a better time of year to be out on a boat – er, out on a field research trip, I mean!

Closer to home, we continue to be active in downtown revitalization projects.

Up next, we’ll be packing our sunscreen and heading out to collect data for a market-rate apartment study on the eastern coast of Florida.


Have a new real estate project in this works this summer? Drop us a line, and let’s talk about it.

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Updated LIHTC Maximum Rents and Incomes

HUD has released updated LIHTC maximum rents and incomes for 2014.

We have updated the Danter Company LIHTC maximum rent and income database for 2014 for non-New England counties.

New England LIHTC Maximum Rents and Incomes now updated for 2014.

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